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  Riproduzione X=non disponibile

Tabella dello stato di condizione dei dischi / copertina

EX = Disco in condizioni eccellenti / copertina perfetta
VG = Qualche raro segno d'uso e lievi graffi / copertina senza scotch e scritte
  F = Disco con graffi significativi ma ascoltabile / copertina con scotch o scritte
  P = Disco in pessime condizioni / Copertina strappata o molto sporca.
Tipo Artista Anno Titolo Editrice Quotaz. Condiz. Copertina
33g Alex Party 2000 U gotta be V2    
33g Alexia 1999 Happy Epic    
33g Alice Deejay 1999 Back in my life Time    
33g Annlee   Ring my Bell X-Energy    
33g Artisti Vari 2000 In the sun Peepol    
33g Artisti Vari 1989 Synthesizer greatest Arcade   EX-EX
33g Artisti Vari 1979 Disco mix promozionale Harmony   VG-VG
45g(30) 2 in a Room ( remixed by d.j. Molella) 1991 Body to Body Bull & Butcher      
45g(30) A-ha 1986 Hunting High And Low (mix) WEA      
45g(30) Atto Primo 1992 Just Listen ( Tecno mix) Extreme      
45g(30) Black Kiss  "Cherita" 1990 Jump on the floor On the Beat      
45g(30) the Brand New Heavies 1990 Dream Come True Jazz      
45g(30) Baker Street 1992 Undercover epm      
33g Brian Eno - David Byrne 1981 My life in the bush of ghosts SIRE

XSR 6093


33g Clutch ( feat. Stefy ) 2000 Keep the world Joup Rec.    
45g(30) Chakra 1992 Let Your Body Talk (mix)        
33g D.J.F.T. Band

Rosalia Gallardo Gonzales

1984 Ole'-oh tequila Master

DM 9316


45g(30) the End 1991 "Rebel Song" Remix FLY ING      
45g(30) High Tide 1992 Time Unlimited  Meet      
33g Hampenberg 1999 Grab That Thing DIY    
33g Konovox 1999 Blitz ( Synergy) Hitland    
45g(30) Kick It! ( R.Passera- E.Asti)   Back to the the future (mix) Wicked & Wild Rec.      
45g(30) Icarus 1987 Stone Fox Chase  Many      
45g(12") Influenze 1982 You've got the feelind M.D.M.

MD 22


33g J. Dee 1982 I Want Your Love Signal      
45g(30) Jammin' 1987 Turntable Terror Trax (vol.4) Bassment records      
33g John " Jellybean" Benitez   Bobby "o" "O"   EX-EX
45g(30) Jordy 1992 Dur Dur D'etre Bb!  Columbia      
45g(30) Leo Annibaldi - Robert Armani   Syntex - Magic Tricks ACV      
33g Mato Grosso  1992 Jungle  B4      
45g(30) M.C.J. featuring SIMA 1991 Sexitivity Energy      
33g the Moody Boys 1990 Journey Into Dupland XL      
33g New Latin Age 1986 Long Wave MBG



33g Pink Project 1982 Disco project Zanza   EX/VG  
45g Peter Jacques band II 1980 Is it it?

Exotical. LY.

Goody M.

GOM 70116

1/4 EX-EX
33g Planet Core Production 1991 Mescolinum United DFC      
33g Sam Extended Play 1981 It' hot Groove   Non Disp.
33g the Soundovers 1999 Walhing Nitelite    
33g Stefan Egger  d.j.   Galaxy Fantasy      
33g Systematic 1999 Everyday X-Energi    
33g Tim Harper   Reincarrnation NLC    
45g(30) Transformer 2 1992 Pacofic Synphony  DFC      
33g Ultravox 1984 Dancing with tears in my eyes Crizalis   EX-EX
33g V.R.S. High Tide   Phase out Miami    
33g Vicki Sue Robinson 1981 Hot summer night Prelude   EX-VG

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